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'Belladonna' Painting by Kieran Crowder

'Belladonna'  Painting by Kieran Crowder

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Status: SOLD
Width 34 in - 86.5 cm
Height:  34 in - 86.5 cm
Depth:  2 1/4 in - 6 cm
Showroom: Chelsea
Payment Method: UK cheque or bank transfer. Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards are also accepted
Contact: 01438 869819
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Original oil on linen canvas by Kieran Crowder. Philosopher, photographer, poet – but above all, a painter of the utmost seriousness and, commitment, Kieran Crowder is one of the most exciting and original artists working in Britain today. He is showing large and small paintings of two distinct kinds. First, there are his extraordinary heads, a recurring subject in Kieran’s oeuvre. They begin life as portrait sketches, but as finished paintings they go far beyond any individual likeness. Their materiality is at once self-evident, and yet somehow open to question – a paradox that many viewers are tempted to resolve by touching the surface of the painting itself. For the artist, this gesture completes the work of art: a movement out of ourselves toward this other thing – a movement which is perhaps especially revealing when that thing is the image of another’s face. This sensual intensity is radicalised in the large abstracts which fill the rest of the gallery space. The paint structures that make up Kieran’s heads are here laid out for a more direct engagement with the viewer. Two motifs dominate: the wound, and the line. These varieties of fundamental mark constitute a basic figure/ground relationship, upon which further binaries are developed – light/dark; smooth/rough; surface/depth, and so on – overlain and interwoven like the paint itself.The complex objects that result use light in a way that is unique in contemporary painting. Not simply the ambient medium by which any object is seen, Kieran’s elaborate surfaces recruit light more intimately as part of their very fabric – and in so doing, recruit shadow too to seductive effect. Perhaps this explains why Kieran’s paintings, although undeniably beautiful, appear shot through by a certain kind darkness – one not fully accounted for by the artist’s known reluctance to mix his colours down with white as is common practice amongst painters. In a forthcoming essay, critic Malcolm Quinn identifies this element as a withholding, a “not giving it up for the spectator” that is distinct from the showy egotism of other contemporary art. So maybe the real encounter with this artist takes place in this shadowy place; beneath the surface; in close up – where something is risked by artist and spectator alike. It’s all in the name: not for nothing does Kieran, in Gaelic, mean ‘dark’. Try sitting in the gallery at night with the lights turned down – or even off – and you’ll see what we mean.
'Belladonna'  Painting by Kieran Crowder
'Belladonna'  Painting by Kieran Crowder
'Belladonna'  Painting by Kieran Crowder
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