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Antique Leather - What you Need to Know

Antique leather is one of the simplest materials that you can look after as it’s incredibly endurable and very forgiving; however this can depend upon the type of leather and the quality. If you treat your antique leather with the care and attention that it requires you can make it practically indestructible – in turn this means that your antique leather furniture will not reduce in value due to carelessness. Here are a number of tips and tricks that you can utilise in order to make the most of your antique leather.


Types of Leather

It’s crucial that before you begin to treat your leather you first find out what type of leather it is that you possess; if you treat your leather without prior knowledge of the type of leather that you’re treating you could damage the leather whilst trying to look after it. Once you’ve determined which type of leather it is that you own you can purchase a cleaner or stain remover that is appropriate for this type of leather.


Storing Antique Leather

One of the most important parts of owning antique leather is to store it properly whilst it is not in use. You must store your antique leather in warm, dry conditions where direct sunlight will not be able to reach it. We also advise that you place a clean dry sheet over your antique leather as this can aid in its protection and preservation.


Caring for your Leather

Although it’s important that you store your antique leather very carefully; you cannot store the leather if it is stained or hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly beforehand.

As you now know which type of leather you have you should attempt to remove any stains from the leather.


To remove stains you should use a solution of soap and warm water; soak a clean lint free cloth within this solution and then wring excess water from the cloth. When attempting to remove the stains from the antique leather do not rub vigorously as this can damage the leather further; instead go with the grain of the leather and press gently whilst moving the cloth away from you.

It may take several minutes for the stain to life form the leather and in some cases the stain will not come away completely – to prevent this from happening we recommend that you treat all spills as soon as they occur.


To give the leather a general clean you should use a specialist leather shampoo and warm water; you’ll need another clean lint free cloth too. Begin the process as you did before by soaking the cloth in the solution and then wringing out any excess water from the cloth; as before work with the grain of the leather and always away from you. Remember to clean the cloth regularly to remove and dust or dirt that may have become attached to the cloth.


If you repeat this process twice and then dry the antique leather you should find that it looks much fresher, is more resistant to spills and scratches and will generally last much longer than if you left the fabric untreated.


For more information on looking after your antiques feel free to get in touch with us here at Loveday Antiques for our professional advice and services.

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