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Very Fine and Imposing Pair of Bronze Entrance Doors Circa 1900 #2943

A Wonderful Pair of Imposing Bronze Entrance Strong Doors of the Finest Quality 

English Circa 1900

Of bronze over a core of mahogany, classical in style, a circular wreath centred by a ring handle suspended from a hinge embellished with rose, above and below an anthemion leaf.

Doors of this sort were often supplied to banks and other important commercial buildings, giving the owners a sense of security and also impressing visiting clients with their luxurious production and quiet elegance. 

The restrained classical revival ornament on these doors is very much in the regency taste. The stylised anthemion design in particular seemingly influenced by the work of the great ornamentalist Agostino Aglio and his designs published in 1821 (see image). 

At the time that these doors were made regency design was very unfashionable and appreciated by only a small circle of connoisseurs. This suggests that whoever designed these pieces was ahead of their time and anticipating the taste to come. The designer of these doors did not fall in to the obvious trap of over-embellishing them; instead, he or she has allowed the bronze and its patina to be the main focus of the viewer. 

The variation in colour across the doors is extremely attractive. Often doors of this sort have bronze panels to the front but have simpler panelled wood backs. 

These doors have a solid mahogany core and bronze to both sides, a further sign of quality and no expense spared construction.

Width: 61 3/4 inches - 157cm
Height: 91 3/4 inches - 233cm
Depth: 3 inches - 8cm

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