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Rare French Life-like Glazed Terracotta Sculpture of a Dachshund Dog #3019

A Rare French Life-like Glazed Terracotta Sculpture of a Dachshund Dog

French Circa 1920

This charming piece depicts a Dachshund, commonly known as the sausage dog. The breed was established primarily to flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals but with their keen intelligence and appealing faces, the dogs have since become established as one of the more popular choices with pet owners around the world.

Made in terracotta which has been lightly glazed, it is likely that our piece dates to around 1920. This was at the height of what is known in architectural circles as the "terracotta revival", a period which lasted from c.1880-c.1930 and saw a renewed use of the material in glazed and unglazed form as a building material. 

This same period led to a renewed interest in terracotta as a sculptural material. Long established as the choice for making maquettes for bronze or marble sculptures, during this time the use of terracotta as the final medium and not just for making trial pieces was expanded. The bronze painting factories in Vienna, for example, began to make painted terracotta pieces as well.  Our piece certainly appears to be a portrait of a particular dog rather than a generic image. As such, it is probable that it was originally executed for the owner of the dog depicted in the work. 

The piece has acquired an exceptionally fine patina and surface and the depiction of the dog's musculature is particularly effective. His expression suggests an alertness, watching his master and mistress and waiting for their instruction.

This is a lovely and rare work of art that will appeal to any canine enthusiast or indeed anyone who appreciates fine animal portraiture.

Width: 20 3/4 inches - 53cm
Height: 11 1/2 inches - 32cm
Depth: 7 inches - 18cm

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